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Websites are the backbone of any companies marketing strategy. Having an effective website designed to cater to your required audience allows your company to be discovered much easier than your competitors, and allow for faster growth. For your clients and audience, a website becomes a place where communication and relationships take place and grow.  A great website is one of the best ways to make a lasting and professional impression.

Services we offer:

  • Website Building & Design
  • SEO Integration
  • Analytics
  • Website Maintenance/Updates

Previous Client Websites

Below,  a selection of websites created by CreateZA Media is viewable. CreateZA specializes in creating websites that are not only engaging but user-friendly. All websites are optimized to ensure optimal performance and high search results.

Select a site you are interested in to view a PDF displaying the homepage.

CreateZA Website Work

Africa Cries Film Productions

Africa Cries Film Productions required a website that potential investors could use to browse past and future productions. So we created a user-friendly website that featured all the promotional material of their existing productions, and incorporated Africa’s natural beauty into the look and feel of the website.

CreateZA Website Work

The Adventures of The Twins In Africa

The Adventures of The Twins In Africa was an educational series aimed at teaching children the importance of conservation for wildlife in South Africa. The site was created as the anchor to which the marketing for the series was connected. Here, potential viewers could watch all promotional videos and trailers, read blog posts, and find all the social media platforms for “Twins In Africa”.